Subject Verb Agreement with Answers Worksheet

Subject verb agreement is a crucial rule in English grammar. It refers to the proper usage of verb tenses to ensure that the subject and verb in a sentence match in number and person. In simple terms, it means that singular subjects should have singular verbs, and plural subjects should have plural verbs. To help you master this important rule, we have put together a subject verb agreement with answers worksheet.

Exercise 1: Identify the Correct Verb

Directions: Circle the correct verb in each of the following sentences.

1. John and his brother (is/are) going to the park. – Are

2. The book on the table (belongs/belong) to me. – Belongs

3. Each of the girls (has/have) her own room. – Has

4. The dogs in the kennel (barks/bark) at night. – Bark

5. The doctor, along with his team, (is/are) working on a new vaccine. – Is

6. The committee (has/have) not yet reached a decision. – Has

7. Neither the teacher nor the students (was/were) happy with the test results. – Were

8. A long walk in the park (calms/calm) my nerves. – Calms

9. The new car in the showroom (looks/look) very expensive. – Looks

10. Each of the students (was/were) given a copy of the syllabus. – Was

Exercise 2: Rewrite the Sentence

Directions: Rewrite each sentence with the correct verb.

1. The group of boys (runs/run) every day. – The group of boys runs every day.

2. My sister and I (love/loves) to read books. – My sister and I love to read books.

3. The girl with the red dress (dance/dances) very gracefully. – The girl with the red dress dances very gracefully.

4. The book on the shelf (is/are) very old. – The book on the shelf is very old.

5. Neither the teacher nor the students (like/likes) the new seating arrangement. – Neither the teacher nor the students like the new seating arrangement.

Exercise 3: Fill in the Blank

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct verb.

1. The cat and the dog ______ playing in the park. – Are

2. The number of students in the class _____ decreasing. – Is

3. The committee _______ meeting today to discuss the new proposal. – Is

4. Neither the parents nor the children _____ happy with the decision. – Are

5. Each of the students _____ required to submit a research paper. – Is

Subject verb agreement is an essential rule in English grammar that helps to ensure clarity and coherence in writing. By mastering this rule, you can write more effectively, and your writing will be easier to understand. Use this subject verb agreement with answers worksheet to test your knowledge and improve your skills. Happy learning!